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Visit Blue Cave on a Day Tour from Omis

When you speak about ‘must see’ places in Dalmatia, its most popular islands are Hvar, Brac, Vis and one small island with spectacular and one of the most unique natural phenomenon in the world- Bisevo.

Blue Cave is one of 26 caves and one of the best caves in Croatia situated on this tiny island Bisevo.

Formed by erosion from the Adriatic Sea, its amazing colorful reflection is created by light refraction of sunlight entering through a crack in the stone into the water and bouncing off the white limestone bottom.

It has been 133 years since in Vienna’s Neue Freie press in 1884, Viennese painter Eugen Baron Ransonnet discovered the world that there is a ‘marvelous cave of undiscovered beauty’.

He described and painted Blue Cave and at his proposal, the entrance to the cave was expanded, making it accessible to the whole world. The discovered beauty of the cave, painted with amazing silver blue has attracted the river of tourists. The cave has two openings- one smaller and one artificially deepened, through which can the boat pass. The second opening is like a vault and much wider, on the south side of the cave below the sea level. Through this underwater canopy through the cave, sunlight penetrates first through the water and then falls to the bottom of the cave.

Since the cave is situated on the farthest territorial point on the Croatian Adriatic coast, reaching it by speedboat is the best choice. Although the ride lasts about one hour and 45 minutes, this will not be a long journey for you because you will enjoy all the way discovering and exploring the breathtaking beauty of Dalmatian islands.

Since the entrance into the Blue Cave is only 1.5 meters tall and around 2.5 meters wide, entering is possible only for small boats. Passengers have to lower heads in order to enter inside.

In case when the southern wind called Jugo starts to blow sea level becomes to high and it is not possible to enter so the Cave is closed. We always get informed on time by the management of the Blue cave and we pass it to our guests when it is closed for visitors. In that case you can choose whether you will be refunded for the whole trip or you can choose to continue and use even more time to explore other amazing destinations during our tour.

This also means that on the other hand we will have more time to stop in some extraordinary places that we usually don’t have time to visit.

Once you reach the Blue Cave, you have to know it is strictly protected. Tickets are already at your skipper so you will pass the ticket line and simply wait your turn to get in a small boats and enter this amazing piece of nature. While waiting, you can swim close by in the crystal clear sea or chill over cup of coffee or beer at the nearby cafe. Swimming in cave is not allowed and concessionaires limit the stay in the cave to 15 minutes per boat.

This unique phenomena of nature, in which the rays of the sun provide amazing, glowing blue light inside the cave will surely stay in your memories forever.

After we have enjoyed the Blue Cave on our Blue Cave tour from Omis we head towards another famous island attraction, Stiniva Cove and its pebble beach.