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Zipline Omis

Zipline Omiš – an Outdoors Adventure

If you’ve ever wanted to try how does it feel to hang above the canyon or if you are just seeking for new excitement, well- you can join us and swipe into this unique adventure.

This is the first Croatian zipline, located in the splendid landscape of the Cetina river canyon.

For those who do not know what the zipline really is, the easiest way to explain is- it’s all about descent, sitting in a belt, down steel cables of different lengths and slopes.

Beside amazing adrenaline dose, you get unique chance to see the beautiful canyon of Cetina river from another, quite special, perspective.

So, you have to pass eight cables and the longest of them is 700 meters long.

All eight wires have a total length of 2,100 meters, which guarantees longer descent.

The first wire is located near the former fortress ‘Visecgrad’, which is at the very start a very interesting site. After we pick you up with van and take you to the start point, first you will have a short pedestrian ascent with breathtaking panoramas and at that point we start with a short training.

Zipline training

Before the start, the group goes to a training course where each participant gets the equipment.

There are 2 short cables, 25 m long, on which guides demonstrate how to behave on longer cables.

Next step is a short walk to the first cable through the nature.

Before each cable, one of the guides demonstrates a descent, while the second guide fixes the participants on the cables and provides instructions.

The whole concept is elaborated to the finest detail and nothing is left behind. There is always one of the guides with you, and the wires themselves are designed to withstand loads even of a few tons without any risk of breaking.

It is also noticeable that the layout of the wires, their length, slopes, and locations is set by people with a clear vision.

Age limit is from 7-99 years old, maximum weight is 140 kg, so approximately everyone can try and do it- old, young, male, female..

To cross the entire polygon (accompanied by two guides) a group of 10 people needs two and a half hours.

Zipline ends 50 m away from the road, where the participants are getting into a vehicle that returns them back to the office.

Also, each participant signs a statement on the conditions of use (required personal document) before leaving. For children ages 7-18, parents must sign a statement.

Depending on the age of the child, guides decide whether the child should be in their accompaniment.

The price includes transportation from office to the start and back to the office, complete equipment (helmet, belt, gloves), two professional guides and descent down eight different wires.

So, ‘on field’ it looks like this- after approx. 10 minutes of ride till the start point, there is a fair bit of hiking involved, short but steep on uneven and rocky ground (it lasts from 4-8 minutes).

The guides are truly excellent, knowledgeable and extremely safety conscious.

Zipline Tour

Before you begin with proper zip lining and start the Zipline Tour, there is a basic zip line set up to teach you how to use the equipment the guides will provide you and help you to put on and set up and also talk you through the equipment, the seating position to zipline and then everyone gets a go on a small practice wire.

After a short walk up the starting point you’ll see 8 unbelievable zip lines, with varying degrees of adrenaline rush. Once you got into the zip lining it is really easy to get the hang of and it is definitely the kind of experience of ‘being in the moment’, as you go down the zipline enjoying the view of the river running to the side of the mountain as you sped down, it is truly spectacular feeling.

All 8 zip lines are various in size and steepness but none of them will make you feel unsafe to go down but at the same it will give you a good rush if that is what you seek.

The guides are extremely friendly and thoughtful with children and smaller children will go with a guide in tandem on the very first wire, as can anyone else who feels nervous.

Safety hat, gloves and harness are provided, but just don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes- trainers or good tracking shoes, not flip flops!

Take your camera or phone since the canyon is natures’ peace of art and also you will be allowed to use it on one of the slower lines where you can ride in tandem if you wish and take a ‘selfie’.

Bring a bottle of water in a rucksack and put on a sunscreen.

Experience the Outdoor Adventure

of a lifetime!

The first line looks a bit daunting at first (700m long at 150m above the river Cetina) but it’s the longest line and has a great view so you just enjoy it straight away!

There’s another climb of 3-4 minutes and then all the zip lines are next to each other, traversing the canyon.

At each zipline one guide will go first and the other will set you up on the line before letting you go.

They will let you know ahead of time which part of line requires you to go and which requires brakes and when.

Zipline Omis in Numbers

Number of Wires


Overall Length (m.)


Above the Ground (m.)


Longest Wire (m.)


Scared? No worry- to ensure people’s safety, the principles of a climbing safety mechanism are being used, which are tested for years of practical experience in the most extreme situations and at maximum loads.

Each part of equipment meets international safety standards for work at heights.

Gathering is 15 minutes before the departure time at the office in Omis- signing the statement and off we go!

We always suggest to bring practical and light clothes, some ‘stronger’ footwear, bottle of water, cameras, GoPro devices…

Have you ever dreamed you were flying? Well, it is that exact feeling you get, the feeling of complete freedom and pure excitement. That feeling is closest to the experience of zipline.