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Canyoning Omiš – Adventurous Day in Canyon of Cetina River

Looking for a wild, fresh and wet adventure for yourself or for the whole family? If you are looking for something more this is the trip for you because Canyoning is a great choice of adventure where every participant can decide the size of their own challenge.

This amazing tour combines loads of different activities into one, because Canyoning is a mix of white-water swimming and sliding down natural toboggans, caving, hiking, jumping, climbing and mountaineering.
Canyoning is an amazing way of pushing your own limits and sharing a great day out with your friends and family, involving large diversity of the activities.

The difference from kayaking and rafting? On Canyoning tour you use only and exclusively your body to travel downstream!

But let’s start from the- start, what to expect?

Canyoning is an adrenaline-pumping sport that involves exploring natural canyons through hiking, swimming, wading, rappelling and waterfall jumping (jumping is always optional). By combining so many adventure activities into one incredible activity, you can really experience dramatic landscapes with all your senses and challenge your body in unconventional ways.

Professional guides (who are also members of Croatian mountain rescue) are with you all along and it is very important to listen carefully for the instructions and details about the route.

This activity includes everything- from hiking, jumping, swimming and manages to marry them all into an epic adventure.

Also- if you are a fan of cliff jumping you will have many opportunities to jump! Cliff jumping goes from scary to exciting and allows you to soar in the air just before you bury yourself in water and on Cetina river you can throw yourself from up to 10 meters of height!

Don’t worry if you are not a good swimmer or you’re afraid of heights- your back is covered by great instructors that are willing to take you step by step through the course and, whilst serious incidents are rare- respecting the safety rules are essential, so let us repeat again- just listen carefully.

Practically- you will get to practice in one of the most beautiful and secret locations that is beside Canyoning impossible to visit all through.

Where is it situated?

The canyon is situated near the village of Zadvarje in the countryside of Omiš, approx. 30 minutes driving. The canyon has two levels which are separated with the biggest waterfall on river Cetina called Velika Gubavica with the impressive height of 50 meters. This part of canyon whose length is 2 km is characterised by extraordinary lateral limestone cliffs that formed it and in some places, canyon cliffs rise up to 180 meters of height. Its bottom is covered by amazing rock shapes that the river has been forming through the thousand years, full of crystal clear natural pools and numerous rapid slides.

Price includes: transfer from Omiš to Zadvarje village where your Canyoning adventure starts and transfer back to Omiš, licensed guides who are also members of Croatian mountain rescue, your gear: neoprene suit, vest, helmet and safety belt for Canyoning.

Start: meeting at 13 noon in Omiš (or by agreement), it can last up to 6 hours- depending on the number of participants

Minimum age: 14 years

What to bring?

Basically, all you need is your swimming suit and snickers (hiking shoes, high and comfortable with a good tread). At the very start of the tour you will be provided with neoprene suit, life jacket and helmet, which is included in the price. Extra option is to rent a neoprene shoes in case you don’t want to get wet yours and it costs 5 extra euros. Bring towel and dry clothes so you can dress up after the tour, as well as lot of water since you will be pretty thirsty and positively exhausted. Since your body is fully covered, there is no need for sunscreen except for your face, don’t forget to protect is with some sun protection factor.

Basic Canyoning

Canyoning is basically the descending down the river system using various techniques and methods such is walking and swimming through the Cetina river rapids, swimming in crystal clear natural pools, cliff-jumping in the lakes by the waterfalls of the river. Sometimes we can jump, sometimes the canyon forms natural flumes and you can slide down, it’s all of that stuff thrown together in this amazing part of canyon.

Canyoning is a sport where you can do as little or as much as you want- some people do it for pure adventure and adrenaline and for other people it’s about exploring these beautiful places, and getting access to these deep gorges that a lot of people don’t get to see.

All in all- overcoming natural obstacles such as waterfalls, natural pools, narrow rocky paths formed by fast mountain rivers is unique feeling that is simply calling all adrenaline and nature junkies.

Extreme Canyoning – Advanced option

Beside regular Canyoning, for the ones thirsty of more adrenaline and more difficult obstacles along the way, we have Advanced Canyoning. The route is the same with the main difference that advanced one includes abseiling 60m high near the 50m waterfall Great Gubavica waterfall and second abseil which is 20m high. This requires a good amount of rope work and down-climbing, while easier routes are mostly hikes, swimming and easy climbing.

Explore the Canyon of Cetina on a Day of Adventure

Canyoning tour from Omiš

Let’s spark your sense of adventure

There is a lot to love about Canyoning especially because this kind of swimming, easy climbing waterslides and cliff jumping are challenges you can try only and uniquely in this ‘natures own aqua park’.

These activities teach you how to be mentally aware and focused while you are in nature- where anything can happen, so Canyoning and especially cliff jumping, require physical and psychological preparedness. This is a full experience of the senses and engages your entire body, including the mind.
So, let’s jump into this unique, all or nothing experience!