Tour packages in Omiš

Combo and Super Combo Savers

Enjoy in our tour packages where we combine two and three of our most popular signature tours into Combo Savers and Super Combo Savers

Krka Waterfalls and Zip Line

€ 88 per person
Save € 5

If you want to discover as much as you can in reached destination, choose our combo tours and join us on our different daily tours. Take a walk in ancient Trogir city and discover why is it enlisted on UNESCO heritage site list and explore spectacular Krka Waterfalls. After enjoying National park, continue your Croatian adventures by passing 2km on 8 steel wires above the Cetina river canyon.

Blue Cave & Krka Waterfalls

€ 155 per person
Save € 20
Let us help you solve your doubts about what to visit once you reach our destination. With our combo tour, you will discover thrill of speedboat island hopping and merge with untouched nature in stunning Krka Waterfalls national park.

Blue Cave & Split City Tour

€ 134 per person
Save € 5
If you are dealing with hard decision which popular places to visit in Croatia- let us help!
With our Combo solution, you will discover astonishing islands of our coast and learn everything about spectacular city of Split.

Plitvice Lakes and Canyoning Tour

€ 113 per person
Save € 5
If you are a type of traveller who struggles what to visit when on journey, then our combo tours are perfect for you. Walk inside spectacular nature wonder enlisted on UNESCO heritage site- Plitvice Lakes and spend a day inside the Cetina river canyon.

Blue Cave & Plitvice Lakes

€ 180 per person
Save € 10
Always doubting what to visit once you reach the destination? Let us help you decide with our combo tour and take maximum from your holidays. Spend a day out on the sea on our speedboat adventure and take a walk inside the famous Unesco Heritage site, incredible – Plitvice Lakes.

Blue Cave and Rafting

€ 165 per person
Save € 5
Wondering what to see & do once you reach Croatia? We have simply perfect combo tour that includes sea and river activities. After discovering island life on our speedboat island hopping tour, let our professional rafting guide take you on an unforgettable journey down the rapids of Cetina river.


Blue Cave / Krka Waterfalls / Split City Tour

€ 169 per person
Save € 10
When you love nature of hinterland, sea and island life, but also history full old cities, it is hard to decide what to choose and visit. That is why with our combo tour you will cover all your interests and discover speedboat ride to island, stunning waterfalls of National park and learn all about incredible history of Split city.

Blue Lagoon, Hvar & Trogir / Plitvice Lakes / Split City Tour

€ 169 per person
Save € 10
Doubting what to visit when you come to Croatia? Let us help you decide and take you on our super combo tour where you will immerse yourself in perfectly clean, azure sea, watch relaxing flows of water in largest Croatian National park and walk along old streets of ancient cities of Trogir and Split.

Choose from our list or contact us if you have your own combo at mind