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Stiniva Beach inside protective Stiniva Cove


The island of Vis by all means is very different from the other tourist destinations. Vis has managed to keep its simplicity and calmness even in the middle of season. Its attractiveness is not based on commercial contents such as luxurious hotels, noisy life, entertainment … Quite the opposite- Vis attracts visitors with its intact nature’s beauty, hidden beaches, coves and islets, preserved original Mediterranean architecture and its warm and convivial inhabitants.

Vis Island as well as its settlements has very interesting history. The first settlement on the island under the name of Issa was founded by Greek colonists from Sicily from Syracuse, in 4th century before Christ.

After the second World War, the island of Vis became one of the main naval base Yugoslavian National Army and fully isolated from the world. In that period numerous underground tunnels and shelters were built. Today, they are a part of tourist sightseeing. In later years, Vis has turned to wine production and tourism.

Visa’s Archaeological Museum, located in the Austrian fort at the very center of Vis, visitors can see interesting collections from the past. Numerous amphorae found in the vicinity of Vis, many of which were still sealed, are evidence of a long tradition of wine production.

Vis has an interesting summer outdoor cinema, and films are displayed on the projector which is for over 60 years old. It still works reliably and well, although its technology is outdated. You have to admit- there is some charm and romance in the summer cinema under the starry sky.

After we have visited famous Blue Cave on our Blue Cave tour from Omis we head towards the bay of Stiniva and its recognizable cove. Stiniva is one of the most famous coves in the bay, and with certainly the most unusual form. It is located on the south side of the island, bordered by high cliffs leaving only four meters close to the entrance from the sea. After passing through that ‘door’ in front of you opens a beautiful rounded bay with a pebble beach. Since 1967 Stiniva has been a legally protected nature monument, probably due to the collapse of the cave cavern in the past (it has been supposed that probably in the past the cave cavern collapsed).

Stiniva Cove is attractive due to its unusual appearance- the entrance from the sea is relatively narrow (4-5m) and then the bay opens and ends with a beautiful shine.

There is no road in the mainland by car, there is only a goat’s path that goes down to the bay so its natural beauty is preserved.

On the beach it feels like in the cavity, rounded with white pebbles, four cottages and a feeling of complete protection. Of course, the feeling is often deceptive because when the south wind blows, the local residents pull their boats ashore. Also, the bay has an interesting submarine world interesting for divers.

Stiniva Beach is shortly described as an idyllic place to swim in the crystal clear sea that remains in the memory forever.

Stiniva is always during the day at least one half in its shadow so it is very suitable for families with small children.

Last year Stiniva Beach was chosen for the most beautiful European beach by readers of the portal ‘European Best Destinations’. This amazing Croatian beach won the most votes and took the top on the list of 15 of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.