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Omis Beach and the Beaches of Omis Riviera

Everybody who is familiar with Croatia knows that here are the most stunning beaches and crystal clear sea in the whole Adriatic. The Omis Riviera stretches for 35 km along a coast south of Split.

In this area there is much to be seen indeed, but let’s be honest- when you are spending your holidays by the sea, beach is your top priority. We all love the beach whether it’s a sizzling summer day or a brisk walk collecting seashells.

When it comes to swimming or simply relaxing on the beach Omis has something to offer for each type of person.

Sunshine in Dalmatia always means one thing- it’s the perfect time to escape and head out to a sandy beaches or if you are a pebble beach fan, shallow or depth, long or lonely ones.. in Omis you have them all!

Beside swim&sun one can find so many entertaining activities such as boat and kayak rental, jet-skis, parasailing, windsurfing and lot of other fun for children and grown ups as well.

Along the coast of 35 kilometers long Omis Riviera you can start with pebble beaches next to the south: Slavinj, Brzet, Nemira, Mala Luka, Stanici, Ruskamen, Lokva Rogoznica, Medici, Mimice, Marusici, Pisak.

You will be overwhelmed with sea so unbelievably clean and with such beautiful colors.

If you are one of those who can’t resist the feeling of sand between their toes- you are just in perfect place!

The Main Omis beach

beaches of OmisThe main beach in town is a long, sandy beach and when you head to the west side you will discover 5 kilometers of a long sandy beaches in village Duce- the longest stretch of sandy beaches in whole Croatia.

There are a couple of restaurants and caffe bars on the main Omis beach where you can sit down and have a pizza or simply relax with a cup of coffee.

Because the main Omis beach is rather wide, leaving enough room for everyone, there is a valleyball course in the middle of it where you can enjoy in this popular beach game.

main beach in omisEven though the main beach in Omis is not as shallow as popular Bacvice beach in Split, you will still see a lot of people playing the authentic game called picigin. This is a good place to try it, all you need is one small rubber ball and the game can begin.

Because the main Omis beach is located at the mouth of Cetina river, the mixture of salt and fresh water makes the sea bed of the Omis beach an ideal location for all kinds of shellfish. You will commonly see people walking on their knees in the shallow water, sifting through the sand with their hands, looking for the shellfish to prepare for dinner. There is nothing more authentic in Dalmatia as a glass of wine paired with the freshly caught shellfish for light Mediterranean dinner.

The main road passes by all these beaches, so you just have to choose which one is going to be yours!

Even though you may never get bored with the main Omis beach, there are a lot of beautiful beaches all around Omis and we encourage you to discover them