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Lovrečina beach – Blue Lagoon of Brac Island

Taking an Blue Lagoon Brac island tour from Omis is always unique opportunity to discover the most seductive sandy shores, pebbly coves, sun-fried rocks and Lovrecina bay is definitely one of a kind. Lovrecina beach is situated in a beautiful forested bay on the Island of Brac. It can be reached from the sea or by country side so you can cycle, walk or just come by car via the island road.

Beautiful fact is that there is limited parking and no clear bus stop nearby, which helps beach from becoming to crowded. This is a a very pleasant area generally and there are many picturesque bays to see when approaching from the sea. This particular bay has a sandy bottom which stretches all the way out to around 100 metres.

There is a cafe which is also a restaurant situated just behind the beach. You can buy an ice-cream, have a coffee or have a lunch which is perfect to try a local specialties.

On the way down to the bay you will notice the remains of an ancient Roman summer villa and ruined medieval church among olive groves just behind the beach. According to these archaeological site, it appears that the old Romans really enjoyed Lovrecina.

The sand is ultra-fine and inviting and the shade of pine trees makes beach just perfect. The water is clear and clean with lots sand bars, so there is both shallow and deep water close to the shore. Is there anything better than relaxing on a sandy beach on a warm day?

The island Brac is located in the middle of the Dalmatia and offers a multitude of opportunities to soak up the sun or for snorkeling and swimming. During the hot summer months, the sandy beaches are very popular with both locals and tourists. Lovrecina bay is the only sandy beach on this Dalmatia’s largest island.

There are also some hidden gems for swimming and jumping off the rocks that offer some of the best scenic views around the islands. On the way from Lovrecina to the Pucisca there are many small private beaches available that are not accessible from land since, only by the sea.

The bay is just perfect for soaking up the sun, swimming and admiring the peaceful area.

And remember- when you are on the sandy beach in Croatia, don’t forget to play PICIGIN- uniquely Dalmatian sport that involves a lot of acrobatic leaping around as players try to prevent a small ball from falling into the water.

The Lovrecina bay is considered as ideal for those looking for a romantic getaway or a fun holiday in the sun among the locals. So trust us- it is simply a lovely place to spend the day!