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Explore Plitvice National Park

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest Croatian national park. It is famous for the magnificent volcanic quakes that create clear lakes in the constant biodynamic process of growing and growing sedge. As a result of this process, there are a series of 16 staged large lakes and several smaller ones, which are the most picturesque part of this park.

Rich fauna is especially occupied by the largest European beasts – brown bear, wolf and rice. Due to the uniqueness, natural beauty and values of the National Park Plitvice Lakes, in 1979 was included on the UNESCO List of World Natural Heritage.

Established in 1949 and named a Unesco World Heritage site, this chain of 16 lakes is the crown jewel of the country’s oldest and largest national park.

It is incredible feeling to walk by the roaring falls and interlocked turquoise lakes crisscrossed with boardwalks and surrounded by beech and spruce forests.

The park sits atop a giant cave-riddled karst field in the rolling hills of the Dinaric Alps. This topography provides a unique canvas for hydrologic artistry. Rivers and streams rush above and beneath the earth’s surface. They bob and weave through porous limestone carrying calcium carbonate sediment that creates the millenniums-old travertine barriers responsible for Plitvice’s Upper and Lower Lakes and waterfalls, which foster more than 1,200 plant species, up to 50 species of orchids, 321 species of butterflies, 157 species of birds, 20 species of bats, brown bears, roes, bears, wolves, wild boars, wild cats and trouts.

At old times, the isolated and not well-known area was a fertile ground for the creation of stories about the lakes, forest fairies, sharp winters and forest beasts, and those most famous about the Black Queen which, according to legend, created the Plitvice Lakes.

The latest recognition comes from the Voyager application of Google Earth- our most famous national park is included in the overview of the most unusual lakes as one among ten lakes in the world!

On our Plitvice tour from Omis you will be taken to explore upper and lower lakes of Plitvice national park. Our Plitvice tour is a full guided tour which means that our guide will be with you all the way and take you to experience some of the most breathtaking locations within the park. To make things even better, you will be equipped with earphones (headset) making the tour more interesting and fun.

On the upper Plitvice lakes, which consists of 12 interconnecting lakes, you will follow the wooden trail that will take you through the forests and across the lakes revealing scenery that looks it came out of a fairytale.

You will then take the scenic lake ride taking you the the lower Plitvice lakes, consisting of four lakes, where you will get the opportunity to marvel at the beauty and power of the largest Croatian waterfall. The name of the waterfall is the Great Waterfall and it drops from 78 meters high cliff right in front of you.

We invite you to join our Plitvice tour and walk with us through this heaven on earth!