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Discover Pucisca on Blue Lagoon Brac tour from Omis

We can not even count how many websites and journals in the world included Pucisca on a list of one of the most beautiful small places in Europe! Nestled in the bay and full of many attractive Mediterranean white houses, this place simply shows why Croatia is such popular tourist destination.

Pucisca are the second largest place on the island of Brac. Its houses, emerging on the slopes above the seaside channel that deeply sloped into the mainland, make an extremely interesting panorama. Since Pucisca is located in the deep bay, there is a long promenade with countless oases on both sides for towels and sea litters.

We visit Pucisca two times a day during summer on our Blue Lagoon Brac tour from Omis. Besides Pucisca you will also enjoy on one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Due its tough past Pucisca owes its nickname – Luke Tower. In the 15th century the coastline was not the safest way, so housing facilities were built as towers. Pucisca once had 13 such towers, and today they are a very interesting architectural unit of the preserved forts of famous island familys.

Did you know that the inhabitants of Brac island have very long and healthy lifetime?

The land on island Brac is cultivated in a traditional and above all ecological way. They harvest the fruits of their own land from the island, from which the well-known healthy food with inevitable olive oil is being prepared. It is in those gifts of nature that the long-lived recipe is hidden. Do not miss the opportunity of trying some of their amazing culinary specialities!

The unique thing about Pucisca is its stonecutter’s school, where the main material worked on is limestone, a famous material from the island. This school continues the multi-year tradition of stone processing. It is one of only three such schools in Europe, and uses traditional tools and processing techniques unchanged since the Renaissance period.Thanks to that, this is the most delightful place known for its long stone tradition, with the most popular quarry just because of the legend that White House in Washington was built with stones taken from it.

There are many ways how people can spend their summer holidays and many places where they can go, but there are only a few which will leave you speechless and stay in your memories forever.