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Relax in Palmizana on Pakleni islands

As a part of our Blue cave tour from Omis we stop for 2 hours in Palmizana on Pakleni islands archipelago. Home to one of the Croatian’s most famous landmarks, beautiful Palmizana with pure crystal sea, the lonely waves, intact nature combined with amazing botanic garden created by Meneghello family, is simply a must-see.

More specifically, the Palm Tree arboretum with thousands of exotic plants from all over the world, of which more than 60 percent comes from Mexico. That is how for tens of years can only be created by those who love this island much and too much. And those who are ready to ‘sacrifice’ life in civilization and to catch up with wild nature and all its positive energy. On the north side of Palmizana is marina which can accommodate up to 200 boats, but we stop on the south side at the bay.

The first owner of the property called Palmizana, started with the cultivation of rosemary. Today, 193 years later, the island is under the influence of incredibly imaginative, valuable and successful achievement of the first owner, becoming an unbelievable arboretum where thousands of plants, trees, palms, and cacti were found.

Devoted to breeding palms, now there are 46 species, some of which, apart from Palmizana, can no longer be found anywhere in this part of Europe.

Whether it’s a laid-back, relaxing mild journey you seek, a wild adventure to thrill your spirit, or a warm experience in between, visiting Palmizana will make you feel it all. No matter which type of adventure you choose, you’ll feel the vibe of the island and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Palmizana boasts perfect restaurants where you’ll get to enjoy a delicious island lunch, followed by some time to explore the island before hitting forward. One of the restaurants we like to reccomend among the others is Meneghello restaurant. It has a wide choice of typical local meals with fresh ingredients all served in a great atmosphere with amazing view of the whole bay.

The extraordinary diverse contrasts of the Pakleni islands are legendary, offering sundry experiences for everyone-from snorkeling and swimming to heading out to the site to enjoy a famous fish fry fete. Whether it is an intimate chat with local artisans, discovering things to do amidst Palmizana bay, or exploring the enchanting gardens, the varied scenery opens the door to the most authentic and fascinating people and places.

Come and enjoy a day of sun, sea and food as you travel by our speedboat and explore this island on our excursion and take a dip in the beautiful turquoise waters. Experience breathtaking Palmizana and explore this simply beautiful island paradise for a truly amazing adventure before our next stop- island Hvar.