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Visit Skradinski Buk as a Part of Krka Tour from Omis

Skradinski buk

Krka’s largest waterfall – Skradinski buk, is one of the most famous Croatian natural sights, located just by the end of the Krka river, near Skradin, as its name suggests. Skradinski buk is the main attraction of our Krka tour from Omiš and it’s time to get to know this amazing landscape a bit better.

Skradinski buk consists of 17 stairs, a total length of up to 800 meters, while the height difference reaches just over 45 meters. At the bottom of the waterfall there is a lake where a lot of visitors are chilling during the warmer part of the year. Buk is generally the most populous part of Krka NP, and there are many souvenir shops and restaurants, while ethnographic collections are part of the old mills.

Skradinski buk, tour mapIt is a great place to get to know the rich ethnographic heritage of the area, and there is also an educational trail on the waterfall approaches, while there is a wealth of information about the natural wealth of Skradinski buk and NP Krka.

It is the seventh and the last waterfall of Krka and its huge popularity is gained especially because, at the foot of the slopes, visitors are allowed to swim in compliance with the restriction and behaviour rules.

Easy walking by its paths is enough to feel the unique microscope life with its magical sounds, lights and colors, encircling numerous types of trammel barriers and aquatic habitats.

On the left side of the river are the ruins of the first Croatian hydroelectric power plant, opened on August 28, 1895- just two days after the first hydroelectric power plant in the Niagara waterfalls opened! Did you know that, thanks to the power of the Krka River, Šibenik is the first city in the world to get AC power?

Skradinski buk is so inspirational with all its unique cultural and historical sites in the unique environment of the natural beauty of Krka National Park. Ethno village is a part where you can look at old stone watchtowers from the 19th century, in water mills you can look at grinding cereals, weaving bags and floor mats, horseshoes and much more.

After visiting ethnic village, you reach the educational trail which leads over the barricades and there are numerous posters that describe the plant and animal life of the Krka River and the surrounding area.

Waterfalls, lakes, old mills, wooden bridges and intertwined hiking trails are an integral part of this unique space.

There is plenty to do at Skradinski buk: restored watermills, ethnographic collections and presentations of old crafts in the ethno village, so shortly here is what you can do: take panoramic boat ride on the river, walk the Skadinski Buk trail (1900 meters) leading you around the most amazing spots, rapids, waterfalls and gorgeous flora and fauna or just walk directly to the swimming area of Skradinski Buk on which way you will have several amazing viewpoints on small but beautiful rapids or waterfalls down in the river.

Skradinski buk is so much a magical waterfall that once you see its photos you will want to reach it as soon as possible.

Under waterfalls, the waters are turquoise and emerald and around the waterfalls there are small caves and islands that enhance the experience.

Huffington post described it like this: ‘Formed by the Krka and Čikola Rivers coming together, the turquoise and emerald waters are illuminated with little caves and islands. Nightingales, emerald dragonflies and butterflies fly around the falls, making it appear as though you’re right in the middle of a Disney movie.’

And we couldn’t agree more!