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Sightsee Hvar town on a Tour from Omis

Did you know that with the average of 2718 hours of sun in a year, Hvar is the sunniest island in Europe?

Facing the south, sunny side of the world, Hvar is situated in a picturesque natural setting, full of the Mediterranean appeal and brightness. With its glorious and unforgettable history, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasure chest of scenes, ambience and adventure.

On Sugaman’s Blue Cave tour from Omis, Hvar town is the last destination that we visit.

Its name comes from the word PHAROS- the Greek name for the island of Hvar. On the site of today’s Stari Grad, the ancient Greeks founded the colony of Pharos in 384 BC making it one of the oldest towns in Europe.

When it comes to ones thirsty of culture- the richness of the layers of historical periods, its cultural and natural monuments and literature is simply incredible.

For example- Hvar theatre was opened in 1612 and it is the oldest public theatre in Europe.

Hvar Fortress from the 16th century, which used to be an army barracks and a look-out, today is place with collection of amphorae and other ancient and Middle ages exhibit items. It also gives you a breath taking panoramic view of Hvar Town and the Pakleni islands.

Ivan Vučetić, the founder of the well known criminalistic technique that studies finger prints- dactyloscopy, was born in Hvar in 1858.

In addition to the mentioned, the town of Hvar is also attractive because of the numerous narrow stone streets called ‘kale’. Walk through ‘kale’ provides a delightful and authentic experience of Dalmatian architecture.

The island of Hvar, called ‘the king of the Dalmatian islands’, thanks to its warm winters and hot summers, hosts numerous guests, travelers and scientists who are attracted to the rich Mediterranean nature and vivid nightlife.

This kind of unique harmony of magnificent nature, architecture and rich history is rather hard to find in the rest of the world. Hvar is today considered as one of the ten most beautiful islands in the world.

Hvar is so picturesque with its old stone houses, palaces, seven centuries old walls and promenade full of palm trees. It is especially famous among the celebrities and yacht lovers and you will surely understand why!

One more thing you surely didn’t know about Hvar is that it is the nicest smelling island in the world!

Lavender is a plant that has a long tradition of cultivation and production on the island of Hvar, and it is Hvar, widely known as the ‘Island of Lavender’. The immense fields of lavender, said to be of the highest quality in the world, are the trademark of this island. Lavender flowers in summer, just as tourists start to arrive, and the beauty of these violet fields submerged in the greenery of the Mediterranean vegetation and the blue of the sea is a truly magical sight. Lavender souvenirs are the most common gifts people take back home and they can be purchased on many locations around the island.

Island cuisine is thus based on healthy domestic food, especially fresh fish and olive oil.

While separation from the coast may sometimes be a handicap, it also provides protection from factory chimneys, road tolls and similar things that unfortunately come with civilization. Instead, there are huge fields of lavender, ancient olive trees and vineyards, in the unique harmony of man and nature.

The rich cultural and historical heritage of Hvar, dating back to prehistoric times, entertainment and unique gastronomy, pleasant climate, numerous picturesque coves and beaches, crystal clear sea, untouched nature and the kindness of the homelands are the guarantee of a holiday you will not forget!