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Cetina River Canyon

Cetina River is the longest river in Dalmatia- with its more than 100 kilometers long flow, Cetina is ideal for those looking for adventure and adrenaline, but also for those who want peace and tranquility.
Almost untouched nature of Cetina canyon enjoys the status of a protected natural landscape ever since 1963.

Hiking and biking trails, rafting, zip line, canoeing, canyoning- there are countless opportunities offered on the river Cetina. Its refreshing temperature simply calls you during the hot days in July and August.
Waterfall Gubavica (48 m) below Zadvarje is one of the largest in Croatia.

Since the 16th century the power of the Cetina river was used to run the mill for wheat and flour. Old mill in Radman mills still exists today, but only as an attraction for many tourists who now visit the mills.

At the end of the 20th century, this location has become one of the most popular resorts in this part of Dalmatia, and due to its amazing nature and location a movie about famous Indian Winnetou was filmed here.

Cetina river ends in picturesque town Omiš impressively flowing between the mountains right into the sea.